About Us

About the Founder

Hi my name is Evelyn and I am the founder of Eyah Nails!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved having my nails done. Now, you won't catch me with naked nails. After countless years in the salon, paying for pricey services and never truly leaving satisfied with my nails, I decided to take things into my own hands (literally).

I launched Eyah Nails as a home-based nail tech with the goal of always having happy and satisfied clients. I loved my time as an acrylic nail tech! My absolute favourite part was watching my client's faces light up when they saw the finished product. I could always see that instant boost of confidence when they were staring at the finished product. Their mannerisms changed, they were talking with their hands more, and had an increased sense of confidence overall! I absolutely loved the fact that I was the one who delivered that feeling to them. 
Then...COVID hit. I was no longer able to see my beautiful clients and I hated knowing that they'd have naked nails! This is when I came up with the ideal for press-on nails! I wanted to be able to offer them a temporary alternative until I could see them again. I started promoting press-ons for my clients, and unexpectedly, it took off! This is when Eyah Nails turned into a press-on nails business. I couldn't believe the amount of women who wanted my press-ons! This was such an amazing feeling for me, knowing that now, I could deliver that boost of confidence to someone's front door! 

When starting this business, I had one main goal in mind: to give everyone the strong sense of confidence that I feel when my nails are done. Press-on nails are such an easy way to always have that manicured look. Sure, maybe you don't feel your best, you don't like your outfit, or you're having a bad hair day, but the one thing you can always control is your nails.

Usually when thinking of press-on nails, the drug store, oddly designed nails come to mind. I'm here to change your idea of press-on nails. Eyah Nails offers sets for everyone, whether you like them long and icey or short and simple, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for here. 
One of my favourite feelings is being out at the store and having a total stranger compliment my nails. They didn't notice my messy bun, my bare face or my questionable outfit, but they did notice my nails. 

I may be slightly biased, but here are some of the reasons why I LOVE press-on nails. Personally, I like to change my nail art all the time. Usually after a week, I get sick of whatever design I have, and crave some change. This used to result in me filling my acrylic nails as soon as I saw a millimeter of new growth. This of course would take hours out of my day. However, when I started wearing press ons, switching sets was SO easy. The best thing of all is that my nails underneath were so much healthier and happier.

With different lengths and shapes, I can go from long stiletto nails to short oval in no time. With acrylics, I'd have to commit to a short length and would have to soak off and start over with a full set if I wanted the length back. Let me tell you that press-on nails have literally changed my life. 

My mission is to share with you the joy that my press on nails bring me. I pride myself on creating completely customizable nails. If there's a set that you love but you'd like to see in a different colour? No problem. You want to add a design to an existing set? No problem. See something ADORABLE on pinterest that you want on your nails? You guessed problem! I want every single one of my beautiful customers to fall in love with each set of nails they order.

That's how Eyah Nails was born. No matter what, we will always be a brand that puts our customers first and will always be on the mission to instill confidence in every single one of our amazing customers.