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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they reusable?

Yes! Eyah Nails can be worn over and over with the use of the adhesive tabs as they leave no build up. If you choose to use glue to apply your nails, the nails will be more difficult to reuse as the nail glue does leave build up. We suggest purchasing an Eyah Nails E-File to easy  file away the built up glue on your press ons for more wearability!

How long do they last for?

There are two different options for applying our press on nails.
If you want to wear your nails for an event or weekend, it's best to use the adhesive tabs as they last for up to two days. We recommend testing the adhesive tabs before wearing them as they do not work for some people. 

If you want your nails to last up to two weeks, it's best to use the nail glue that comes in your application kit and carefully follow the application instructions! The amount of glue also greatly determines the length of wear. If you'd like them on for as long as possible, we recommend using a good amount of glue on each nail. 

Please note: these nails are NOT permanent nails. They are meant to be removed and are not guaranteed to stay on for a set period of time. Things like the amount of natural oils your nails produce, how often your nails come in contact with water or oil, and your application process can affect the longevity of the nails. If the adhesive tabs aren't working for you, we suggest using the nail glue provided instead. 

I'm tired of the length, can I file them down?

Yes! These can be filed down to different lengths however, we would suggest using a stronger file to do so. We would recommend also browsing our short nails.

Please note: Please be careful when shortening your press ons, if you file over top of the nail, it will affect the appearance of the nails. 

Is there anything I can do to make them last?

Yes! While press on nails are durable in water, the more moisture that gets underneath increases the chance of them falling off. Try to also avoid oil on your hands as that can make the glue weaker and make your nails prone to falling off. Try not to submerge your hands in water or contact oil for the first hour after application. 

How do I apply my nails?

For a visual aid, visit our TUTORIAL page

Using the adhesive tabs: Cleanse your nails with the alcohol wipe provided in your kit. Apply the adhesive tab to your nail and press down. Then, remove the backing and place your press on nail on your natural nail and press down firmly for 10 seconds. 

Using the nail glue: If you want long lasting nails, we suggest using your file to rough up your natural nail slightly. Then, use the alcohol wipe to cleanse and dehydrate your nail (if you have acetone this further dehydrates the nail and leads to longer wear). Then apply the nail glue to the underneath of your press on nail. You can also apply a small amount to your natural nail as well for extra hold. Then, get your nail in the right position on your natural nail and press and hold firmly for 10-20 seconds.  

Like any beauty enhancement, there are risks to not using products properly. Make sure to apply your nails tightly to your nail, trying not to leave any spaces. With long wear of press on nails, if there is space for water or moisture to get under your press on, there is a chance of growing nail fungus. This is very rare but still possible if not used correctly. 

How do I remove them?

For a visual aid, visit our TUTORIAL page

Soak your nails in water as hot as you can stand for approximately 30 minutes. You can add cuticle oil or other safe oil to the bowl of water to help this process. As soon as you see lifting at the edges, apply oil to the lifting area to help them loosen. Use your cuticle stick to loosen any areas that are starting to lift. If you're having trouble, use extra oil to get them off. Be gentle and don't pry off any spots that aren't loose as you don't want to damage your nail. Once your press ons are off, you can gently buff your nail to remove any residue. 

If you do not want to wait for them to soak off, Kiss Glue Off is an easy option that we love. We are in no way affiliated with this brand. This is available at some Walmarts or on Amazon. 

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of the product, we have a strict no return or exchange policy. Please ensure that you size yourself correctly as we do not take returns due to improper measurement. The best way to guarantee the perfect fit is by using the sizing kit that is sent to you.

This being said, we always want you to be happy with your experience and your nails. If you run into any issues, please contact us and we will do our best to come up with a solution for you!

Eyah Nails cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurred during the shipping process.

All Eyah Nails products are packaged to ensure that they stay safe during their journey to you! During the shipping and handling process things like damage can happen that are unfortunately outside of our control. If by chance your items arrive damage, email us at with a picture. The FIRST pair of damage is on us! On the extremely rare occasion that you receive multiple damaged packages, you can re order the set for 50% off, or have only the damaged nails replaced and sent to you for a flat rate of $20.00. 

We now have ROUTE package protection as an option with your order. You'll see this in your cart at checkout. If you choose to remove this, we are unable to do anything if your package is misplaced or damaged. If you choose to keep this in your cart, we are able to provide you with a replacement package in that circumstance. 

What if my sizing kit doesn't come?

Typical shipping time for sizing kits are up to 10 business days in Canada. Please wait up to three weeks to receive your sizing kit. If three weeks has passed, please email and let us know. It is possible for them to get lost in the mail so we will happily send you a new one. Before emailing, please confirm that the address you entered is correct. If it's incorrect please let us know that in your email and we will update your address and resend your sizing kit. 

You will receive reminder emails reminding you to send in your sizes. We will attempt to contact you to obtain your sizes through all contact information provided to us. If after 30 days we do not receive your sizes we will no longer attempt to contact you and you will not receive your order as we do not have the sizes to complete it. 

You have 90 days to respond to use with your sizes or requesting another sizing kit if your never came in the mail. If we do not hear from you after 90 days, we will cancel your order and you will be refunded your total. You will receive remind emails before this time. 

Can I make changes to my order?

Once we have started making your order, changes cannot be made. Email to request changes to your order but they cannot be accommodated if your order is already being made. 

How long will it take to ship?

Please allow 10 business days for your order to be made. All orders are made by hand and therefore may take up to 10 business days to be created. This is not a guarantee as they made be shipped out sooner or in rare cases, later. 

Once we deliver your order to the post office, we hand off all responsibility to the carrier and cannot guarantee delivery times. 

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*IF YOU HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL or DM us on Instagram at eyahnails