Every order comes with a free sizing kit which is shipped out when you order. However, if you do not want a sizing kit and would rather size yourself at home, follow this chart and the instructions below to size yourself.

For a visual aid, please visit out tutorial page!


 How to size your nails for press ons

Materials: You will need clear regular tape, a ruler or measuring tape, a piece of paper, and a thin marker or dark pen. 

1. Apply a piece of tape across your nail and press into the sidewalls of your nails, making sure the tape is on well. 

2. Once the tape is secured, take your marker and draw a small vertical line on both sides of your natural nail. Make sure you're marking the widest part of your nail. 

3. When your lines are accurately drawn, remove the tape and tape it onto a piece of paper. 

4. Then, take your ruler or measuring tape and measure the space between the two lines in mm.

5. Refer to the sizing chart to find the size of each of your nails. For example, if your thumb is 18mm wide, you'd need a size 0 nail for that finger. 

The majority of styles fit differently. We highly recommend requesting a sizing kit for other styles. 

Short Oval & Long Coffin

0= 18mm

1= 17mm

2= 16mm 

3= 14mm

4= 13mm 

5= 12mm

6= 11mm 

7= 10mm

8= 9mm

9= 8mm

If you have any questions, email


Each order comes with a sizing kit. Once you place your order, you are automatically mailed a sizing kit unless indicated otherwise. 

Included: 10 blank nails, instruction card.

Note: Shipping cannot be tracked on sizing kits.