Need a little help? We've got your back.

This page should help you with any step that you're struggling with including application, removal and sizing. Email if you require further assistance.

How to Size Yourself Using Our Sizing Kit 

Follow these simple steps and find your size in minutes!

How to Apply Your Nails with Adhesive Tabs

So you have your application kit, now what? Follow these steps and have your nails looking FLAWLESS.

*NOTE: If the adhesive tabs don't work for you but you need short term wear with the glue, simply skip the prepping steps and apply the nails to your natural nails using glue. 

How to Apply Your Nails with Nail Glue 

NOTE: If you don't want extremely long wear, simply use the regular glue included in your application kit. The more glue you use the longer your set will stay on for, so use the amount of glue corresponding with the time you'd like your set on for. 

How to Remove Your Press On Nails

We hate to see them go but we can't wait to use them again! Time to remove? Follow these steps and have naked nails again in under an hour. 

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